Serving the Persecuted Church in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa


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We partner with relief agencies and Christian ministries. We join UNIDO in projects for health, education, water, sanitation, peace, and Christian growth, focusing on the most vulnerable. Heaven Sent Ministries assists our cargo shipments to Africa. The malnourished receive a comprehensive rescue formula with proteins, vegetables, and essential vitamins, minerals, and fats.

We ship food and relief supplies to refugee camps, remote villages, slums, orphanages, clinics, churches, and Bible Schools.

Cargo includes Bibles, school books, medicines, wheelchairs, and formula food for the hungry. We have shipped five 20-foot and 40-foot ocean cargo containers to South Sudan. We're gathering funds for the next.

We minister to widows, orphans, cripples, refugees, street kids, child soldiers, abused women, the elderly, and HIV/AIDS patients.

We teach pastors, Bible college students, children, youth, and adults.

We build indigenous churches, schools, clinics, and homes for the underprivileged. We repair and drill wells.

What We Do