Serving the Persecuted Church in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa

[Letter #5] Dear Bush Friends & Mama,

 “Tomorrow we see Taban’s doctor. We eat in our room thanks to food from Gideon. Taban has fruit per doctor's orders. House rent is 10,000 shillings ($100) per month without water, electric and garbage.

 [Later] “We came back from the hospital. Taban's results are positive meaning he has no more infection in his hip. Dr. David will meet with his team on Monday and call us when to bring Taban for hip replacement. They couldn’t do the surgery sooner due to infection. Taban would have died were it not for your prayers and support. He will have a powerful testimony of what God has done for him. Surgery cost the same the Ugandan hospitals charged – 583,034.48 Kenya shillings ($5,000).”

 “The Street Boys are doing well and are all in school. Yaba, my friend, bought supplies. Total = $500. The Street Boys planned to cultivate sweet potatoes and veggies but there’s no rain. The whole community is on hold for gardens. Thanks for support and encouragement for the Street Boys; the 10 teachers; Kiryandongo Refugee Camp kids (food, supplies, school fees); and for my family in Gulu, Uganda (food, rent, school fees).” 


Pastor Sunlight

SOUTH SUDAN. Letters from Rev Stephen. Fighting in Leer County.

[Letter #1] Dear Mama & Bush Mission,

 “The fighting and killing happened in Leer from February to March. It also happened last year but this time it was worse as it is two counties against one county: Koch and Mayendit County against Leer County. Many were killed in Leer. The Church compound is full of fleeing refugees from Gandor, Buoth, Kak, Guad and Dhortuol. They are traumatized. I am asking Bush Mission for a Feeding Program.”

Thanks and God Bless You,
​Rev Stephen


"Charlotte & Sandy, Zambia, 1970"

"Food for Sunlight's family in Gulu, Uganda."

"Easter in Virginia with Wayne, Delena and family."

[Letter #2] Dear Mama & Prayer Partners,

 “About the 7 Bategeju orphans. Tuombe, the oldest, is finishing a two-yr Mechanic course. His school is asking $150 for the Placement Test.

We received the Wire Transfer for $3,000. The money was divided as follows: 1) $2,308 – 111 tarps for vulnerable Pygmies; 2) $150 for Tuombe’s Placement Test; 3) $90 for Mwavita, eldest girl, to open her sewing business; 4) $450 to cover extra tarps for those missed.”


Mama Zawadi & Team    

"Gideon registering Mama Josephine's Kenyan orphans for the 2nd school term."

"Pastor Masereka (lf) and Gideon."

"Anna Grace at her new school."

SOUTH SUDAN/NORTHERN UGANDA. Letters from Pastor Sunlight and a bus trip to Kenya with Taban.

 [Letter #1] Dear Friends & Mama, 

 “Thank you for making arrangements for me to take Taban to Kijabe Mission Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. I am waiting for Taban’s Referral Letter from Maluga and St Mary's Hospitals where he was a patient.”

​Pastor Sunlight

LETTERS FROM GIDEON, BTM AFRICA DIRECTOR, What’s happening these days?  

 [Letter #1] Dear Friends & Mama,

 “Pastor Masereka, whom I met at the Church Conference in Kasese, Uganda, is joining a Bachelor Degree Program at Uganda Baptist Seminary. I recommend BTM to support his school fees. He saved 500,000 shillings ($136) towards his studies. They are in modules so he will be one month in school and two months serving his church. He needs: 1) Tuition = 45,000; 2) Transport to & from = 100,000; 3) Technology fee = 10,000; 4) Registration to Uganda Religious Council = 20,000. Total  = 580,000 Ugandan shillings ($158).

[later] Dear Friends & Mama,

 “Thank you for your reply about Pastor Masereka. It is encouraging to know that BTM will give him a boost. I will follow your advice and did not tell him that the support came from BTM but from the Church.”

In His Service,


"Gideon registering Mama Josephine's Kenyan orphans for the 2nd school term."

"Rev. Stephen's goal is to bring leaders from Mayendit, Koch and Leer together in peace."

Your PRAYERS make this all possible. Thank you, dear friends, for your love and encouragement ‘in times like these’; and for your eternal impact on the Kingdom of God.  


"The Congo government sent 6 journalists from Kinshasa to Goma to present Mama Zawadi and Team this prestigious award."

"Mama Safi's family of 15 receive food, clothes and supplies."

"The Street Boys are planting sweet potatoes in the school garden."

Bush Telegraph Missions

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Fast forward 2022. These days, due to being bombarded day and night with hundreds of BTM prayer requests, about the only thing I have time to pray is, ‘LORD, HELP!’ No time for politically correct, religious phrases. ‘LORD, HELP’ … our hundreds of orphans; pastors; Mama Zawadi’s son in a coma; Taban facing hip replacement; thousands of starving Pygmies; fighting in Sudan and Congo; the new mission board; Street Boys in Sudan … and, well, You know who.” He does just that – not because of me but in spite of me.  "Hear me Lord and answer me for I am poor and needy." Psalm 86:1. When He does help, we always say, ‘LORD, THANKS.’ 

[Letter #4] Dear Bush Family,

 “Gideon, Taban and I were at the hospital today and Taban's TB test was negative, however, the doctor told Taban to continue taking TB medicine for 6-12 months.  Taban is taking Alkalune Phosphate, Parathormones-S and vitamin D3. The cost was 9,097 shillings ($78) taken from money 350,000 ($3,002) paid.”

 “About the Street Boys. We have the opportunity to turn these street children into useful people in our community. I sent money for their food.  Here’s a photo of the supplies: maize flour, beans, onions, sugar, soap, Maji, oil and silver fish. We pay the Cook and Mentor plus transport. Total = 197,000 Pounds ($443). 

 “My children in Gulu, Uganda, got their Report Cards. They performed well. The 7th graders and Senior One children did not receive their cards yet. Susan – 6th grade got B’s; Humo Godfree – 5th grade got B’s; Peace got B’s and missed by two marks to get 1st place. Gaddy did well in Kindergarten. They report to school this week. Their fees and requirements are attached including the orphans at Kiryandongo Refugee Camp.”

Pastor Sunlight
[Note: BTM sent funds for school fees.]

"Gideon takes 9 of Mama Josephine's older orphans to lunch in Busia, Kenya."

"More food for those hungry Street Boys at Angaim Village, South Sudan."

"Gideon registered all Mama Josephine's Ugandan and Kenyan orphans for 2nd term which began in May. Well done Gideon!"

"Sunlight (rt) and Taban travel from Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda, to Nairobi, Kenya, by bus."

[Letter #4] Dear Bush Family & Mama,        
[Note: Mama Christine & registering 19 new orphans.]

 “Sunlight and Taban arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, from Kampala, Uganda. On Easter we studied John 19 and shared why Jesus died on the cross. On Good Friday we watched Will Graham share the meaning of Easter. Doctors at Kijabe Mission Hospital put Taban on strong antibiotics as he has a bad infection in his hip.

 “I spoke to Mama Christine. She said that Sharon Kwedho is settling in well. She’s the orphan we moved out of Josephine’s home due to issues. I sent Mama Christine money for food  and rent.”

"Fighting has killed 420 people in Leer."

"Pastor Sunlight and Taban travel from Uganda to Kijabe Mission Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya."


Orchids to Mark (Lions Club), Carol T., Stella & Mac, Caprice, Kim, Laura & Stan, Mike, Daryl, Gary, Galen, Pat, Dolores, Carol H, Susie, Stan & Andy, Rich, Judy & Cody, Bob & Irene, Ilene, Anne, Estelle, Rick & Gail, Pastor Michelle N, and Sweet Sewing Sisters for donations and serving in amazing ways.      

Easter. I was treated to a heavenly trip to Virginia where I spent Easter with my son Wayne, Delena and Katie. Pastor Chris of Grace Fellowship preached on Romans 5:12-21. We missed Grandson Nate who couldn’t get time off. We all enjoyed delicious honey-baked ham with all the trimmings at the home of friends. I learned how to make a ‘rose’ out of salami and later toured George Washington’s Boyhood Home. The weather - plus old-fashioned ice cream - was perfect! 

 BTM bought a new-used 40 ft Container for storage (thanks Gail and Rick who did the ‘footwork’). 

Magnificent 7 Guy Team moved all donations from storage to our new host church, Litchfield Park First Baptist. Everything is now tucked safely inside the Container. Thanks Pastor Michelle!

Africa. We fly June 6th. Bill Tubbs, Black Canyon City Calvary Chapel, will assist with luggage and share his musical talent. Pray that Souls will find Jesus and hearts renewed with passion and love. See you in September!

[Letter #3] Dear Bush Friends & Mama, 

             “My Team and I received a prestigious award from the Congo government. They heard about us and saw what we are doing to help our people. They sent 6 journalists from Kinshasa to Goma to give the Team and me the award. They didn't give us money; just a certificate about making a difference and being excellent.  BTM worked hard with us to accomplish what we did: from orphans in Goma; Nyiragongo widows and orphans; Pygmies in Mubambiro, Kichanga, Mugunga, Mutaho, Mukondo, Buleusa and so on. No one else is helping these people.

    “About Container distributions: we sent supplies to Buleusa Refugees, as they are suffering due to war in their area. They die for lack of food, water and are wounded. We sent food and supplies from the Container. Please pass our gratitude to all involved in the Container Project, as this was God’s perfect timing.  We had a mega distribution. Children followed us saying, ‘Mama Zawadi, God bless you for helping us’!”

God bless,

Mama Zawadi 

"The church compound is overflowing with refugees from fighting."

KENYA, KAKAMEGA. Pastor Benard is printing a new handbook for rural pastors. 

Hi Mama & Bush Team,

 “Here is an update of our Pastoral Rural Ministry.  Please ask your prayer partners to help support us to produce a Christian Manual for our rural pastors at a subsidized cost.” 

 [Later] Dear Bush Family,

 “Thanks for your response to our prayer request. The cost of producing 100 copies is $4.50 for digital; 500 copies is $1.50 doing press printing. Press printing is cheaper. We are partnering with Christian Printing and Clarence Matheny Ministries.  Our budget is 125,000 shillings ($1,027). We’ve raised 55,000 ($472). Press Printing is cheapest but must be 500 copies minimum. We appreciate your gift of $200.” 


Pastor Benard

Meantime the canoe began floating rapidly downstream – towards the falls. Sandy came up gasping for air, “The water is murky - can’t see a thing ... jump in Charlotte … it’ll take both of us to push the canoe to shore.” So I did. We both struggled all of our might, against the current, towards shore, about 100 ft away. 

Out of the corner of my eye I spied a rogue hippo eying us. This hippo was famous – he’d recently chomped a fisherman in half. Not a friend. We continued to fight the river as I prayed the only prayer I had time for: ‘LORD, HELP!’ Well, I’m here to tell you God heard my short, humble prayer. It was truly a miracle. We made it to shore – exhausted but safe.

"Gideon hosts Sunlight (not pictured) and Taban."

"Dr. Vern & Josie Doerksen. Josie never dreamed that her legacy would travel over 10,000 miles to Africa!"

"Food and supplies for the Street Boys."

CONCLUSION. The Lord has impressed in our spirits that there is an urgency to share His truth. Please pray, dear ones, asking God to HELP our Team as we minister in Africa in the busy weeks ahead. What greater job in the world is there?

Asking, Seeking and Knocking,


"Mwavita learned to sew at Grace's sewing shop. She now has her very own sewing machine."

"Fighting in Torit and Eastern Equatoria."

“LORD, HELP!” One summer’s day in 1970 my husband, Sandy, and I decided to take our canoe out on the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia. “The kids are at school and we needed a break!” he said. I agreed. Our canoe had been abandoned. We patched up holes with fiberglass and was given a small, second-hand motor. That day the current was swift; we were a mile above the mile-wide, mighty Victoria Falls. Soon after entering the water, the motor suddenly lost momentum. Sandy: “I think the propeller fell off … I’ll dive down and look for it!”

"Mama Josephine's 19 new orphans are in school!"

"The 7 Bategeju orphans."

[Later] “We moved Sunlight and Taban out of my home due to his infection which may be contagious. I found them a room across the road. We eat with Sunlight but bring Taban food on his special plate. Sunlight and Taban enjoy it better than sleeping in our sitting room. Taban exercises on the veranda. 

 “It was hard to put Josephine’s 19 new orphans in school at this late date. The last payment for the 4 remaining new orphans to attend nursery school was $637. The rest of the 15 orphans were accommodated at Busia Border Primary School. The budget for all Mama Josephine's school fees is $9,000. 

  “Today Rachel went the get items to sell. She has clients online and will send men’s suits and lady's dresses to Congo. My sister is selling my chickens. She helped build a chicken coop on her plot. Praise God!”

Many blessings,

"Bill (recruit) and Michele Tubbs, Calvary Chapel, Black Canyon City. Thank you for joining us in Africa! You are an answer to prayer."

"Mama Christine and family."

"Pregnant women received, "Mommy Bags" (with  new baby clothes and supplies) and new dresses." 

[Letter #5] Dear Bush Team & Mama,                    
​[Note: Good news for Taban!]

 “I registered Josephine’s Busia students on the Kenya side except for Vocational Training students who have a different day to return to school. As for the Uganda students, I paid school fees for some, but others are reporting to school today. I asked their head teachers to send me receipts through WhatsApp.  The Dr’s. at Kijabe Hospital are planning Taban’s surgery as his infection has cleared up. We do not know if the remaining money BTM sent will be enough for his hip replacement after deducting treatment and tests. The Dr. said Taban should continue taking TB meds for 6-12 mo. Pray for Taban’s upcoming surgery.” 

Serving Him,


[Note: Taban is due to have his hip replaced any day.]

"Christian Marriage Counseling."

"Shopping for Anna Grace for her new high school."


[Letter #3] Dear Bush Family & Mama,

 “The overnight bus trip went well. We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, at Gideon’s house, ate and are now seeing the doctors at Kijabe Mission Hospital. Taban's treatment may take two months. We are sleeping in Gideon’s sitting room. His children hug us and might get infected so we are moving to a room across the road.

 “I have a Discipleship Training tomorrow for two days in Nairobi. My family in Gulu, Northern Uganda, are running short of food: charcoal, veggies, soap, sugar, maize flour, oil. Also rent is due. Total = 1,275,000 ($346.) Pray that Taban’s treatment goes well that I may go and continue working to provide my family with food. I was working with Fruit Ministries. A bar of soap is 9,000 ($2.45). Thanks for your prayers.”

Pastor Sunlight             

​[Note: we sent money for food and rent for Sunlight’s family.]

 [Letter #4] Dear Bush Team & Mama,

 “My son Michael had a car accident and is in coma in England. My daughter Nadine sent me an emergency ticket. For Mwavita Bategeju, the eldest girl, I found two women with a sewing shop. We went there. The money for an umbrella was part of the rent where they’ll sew clothes for her new business. Deo, my husband, found a place where Tuombe, the eldest, to work as a Mechanic after his Placement Test. Now my prayer is for food for these 7 orphans to keep them from starving. Often I give food from my house. 

The person I left in charge of the LSD Team is Christian Bwaso. Remember Mama Sifa? There are 15 in her family. $200 will be enough to provide food for a month for both her and Mwavita’s family. I will instruct Christian to buy beans, salt, semolina, wood and basic needs. I am busy getting ready for the journey and will be in England a while.  I have a vision of God bringing my son back. The LSD Team greets you all.”

God bless you,
​Mama Zawadi & Team           

[Note. BTM sent $300 for both Mama Sifa & Mwavita’s families.]

[Letter #2] Dear Bush Family & Mama,

 “The 25 children in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp need charcoal, veggies, school fees, exam fees for primary students, soap, sugar and ladies supplies. Also rent for the garden. Taban and I are in the camp and will arrive in Kampala this evening.  We will take a COVID test before we travel to Kenya. 

 “About Angaim Village School. Yesterday we received 50 desks. The desks to be made are 80; there is enough wood. Each desk costs 17,000 Pounds ($38). The students sit 3-per-desk so everyone has a seat. We are building a new foundation for upper classes. Angaim community laid bricks as their contribution. The builder will start soon. The nursery and lower classes will be constructed when our budget allows. Today Peter told me they are taking desks to Angaim Village from Torit.”

 “Here is a Report of the Street Boys in Angaim Village. I sent money to a friend to buy food in Torit and take it to Angaim Village himself. They received beans, sugar, silver fish, onions, Maji, cooking oil, maize (corn) flour and soap. The amount spent = $725. $25 was used for transport.  Balance = $10 for medicine.”

Pastor Sunlight

"Taban and Sunlight take a taxi from Gideon's home to the hospital."

[Letter #3] Dear Mama & Friends,        

[Note: registering orphans for school]

 “I am in Busia, Kenya, to register Mama Josephine’s orphans for school. Today I met Anna Grace to help her return books; pay for her Certificate; and get all documents for admission to the new school. After that Sharon, Edgar, Hassan, James, Emmanuel, Ibrahim, Victor, Were and Zainabu came to visit.  Due to COVID they stayed home two years. Being at boarding school gives them extra time for studies. I bought them lunch and then took them to the book shop to purchase supplies. After that James, Anna Grace and I went to Kisoko where St. Anne Girls School is located, Anna Grace’s new school. We met the principal and accountant to confirm what she needs for admission. Tomorrow James, Anna Grace and I will purchase supplies for her. She will be boarding  and go home holidays.”



"150 tarps serve as new roofs for Pygmy families."

"10 Pygmy families lived here so we put up 3 structures to help with overcrowded conditions."

"Kijabe Mission Hospital."

"The new-used 40 ft Container and Michelle Nairn, Pastor of our new host, Litchfield Park First Baptist Church.

RWANDA. Pastor Celestin & Team reach out to vulnerable school children.

 “We reached out to Rwamagana School to do a Feeding Program. We also started a Baptism Class for 100 people who we will connect to local churches. Thank you for the $345 to make the program work. The school has children from poor families. We help them with ugali and beans, their traditional food. Enjoy the photos of our Evangelistic and Children’s Ministry last Lord's day. They were happy to meet for the first time in 2 years. 

 “Also Rwanda removed the mask requirement. Two hundred couples attended our training on Christian Marriage from Bingo North, South, Gitega, Cyahafi and Karembure. We fed them at the meeting. We sent Team members Jeanne, Augustine and others for house-to-house Evangelism and identified families who need food and clothes. Thanks.”

Pastor Celestin,
Guardian Angels    

​[Note: Celestin  sent over 60 photos – wish we could share them all.]

[Letter #6] Dear Bush Prayer Partners,

 “There is conflict in Torit and Eastern Equatoria State where many lost their lives along the Juba road. There's fighting between Dinka Bor, Acholi, Madi, Otuho and Murle. Yesterday at 5 pm there was fighting around Kinate River. Two were shot and others injured. Safari Link, the Dinka Bor and Otuho are now fighting at Gumbo. Dinka soldiers are rushing there. On Wednesday, 30 were killed in Nimule and two police officers shot. There's a high threat in Himodonge Payam Village, Oruhoi and Angaim.  There was fighting between Angaim and Otose. May God melt hearts of leaders and change their mindset.” 

Pastor Sunlight

"A few of God's Secret Agents." (The Library of Congress could not hold them all!)

"The rogue hippo - not a friend."

"A second, successful feeding program at Rwamagana School."

"Pastor Benard & Charlotte."

"Consulting doctors at Kijabe Mission Hospital."

[Letter #2] Greetings in Jesus Name,

 “April 8th Leer was set on fire as well as Adok, Thornyor, Tuocrial and Dhortuol. People are suffering - no food, mosquito nets, clothes or tents. Church leaders need help. In 2022 we lost 420 people in Leer alone. The fighting lasted 4 days. Yesterday 29 died on both sides: 18 from Mayendit and Koch; 11 from Leer. Thank you for your suggestions to bring counties together peacefully. First we must pray. Then Church leaders in all three counties must come together with traditional leaders and meet separately until we bringing all together in one place. Unity will come through commitment to God. I can do that with pastors behind me. Thanks.”

God bless you,
Rev Stephen, Moderator    

​[Note: other organizations are providing food, etc.]

"Praise God for our faithful teachers at Angaim School!"

"Taban is admitted to Kijabi Mission Hospital."

"New Christian Manual for rural pastors."

Charlotte Sinclair Barkley

[Letter #2] Dear Mama & Bush Family,    [Note: preparing for Sunlight and Taban’s arrival]

 “Sunlight is waiting for documents from the South Sudan Embassy; Taban’s hospital and COVID tests. I asked him to exchange $1,000 into Kenya shillings and connected him with a Kenyan friend in Kampala who will help him exchange at a good rate. At Kijabe Hospital they don't allow guardians to stay with patients so Sunlight will have to stay nearby. They will reach Nairobi on Wednesday morning and get off the bus near my house. I will bring them home to eat and then take them to Kijabe Hospital. I am working to admit Taban.” 

In His Service & Glory,




"God's word in Africa and around the world is urgent in these uncertain, perilous times in which we live."

Pray for PEACE!"

FROM THE MAILBOX. Prayer Partner Josie’s ‘Memorial’ gifts went to Taban, the young Sudanese student you read about in Sunlight and Gideon’s letters.  BTM had no ‘budget’ for his mounting medical expenses. This is one of many many letters received. It was truly a miracle and the only way we could get Taban well again.

Dear Charlotte,

    “Vern gave me the name of your charity. I am sending this check in honor of Josie Doerksen who loved your work in Africa. May God  continue to bless your work in spreading the Gospel.”


Lynn & Carol
​Cottonwood, Arizona

"Our Magnificent Guy Team plus a few gals."

"Rachel and the four adorable girls. She sells clothes to help support the family."

CONGO.  Mama Zawadi’s team provided 150 tarps (roofs) for vulnerable Pygmies!

[Letter #1] Dear Mama & Friends, 

 “The first $500 you sent was used to buy 24 tarps. You suggested buying the strongest quality that last. We added 15 tarps from the container. The number of Pygmies who need tarps is 150. These are for elderly, widows and orphans living alone.  We already had 39 so we needed 111 more at a cost of $2,308. It is a good idea to give tarps to other vulnerable people in the community, not just Pygmies. I pray for social integration so that they get used to sharing, because Jesus is love. I will do my best that no one is left out.”

God bless you,

Mama Zawadi & Team    

"Rev. Stephen ministers to his flock."