Serving the Persecuted Church in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa

CONGO. Letters from Mama Zawadi. On May 10th she was called home to England; her son Mike was in a coma.

Dear Friends & Mama,  

[June 22nd] “I praise God because my son can now see, but he does not recognize people.”

[July 27th] “My son is still in Critical Care but he has not spoken yet.”

[August 6th] “Yesterday for the first time my son recognized me. He cried a lot and I was in tears too. I told him I am returning to Congo. He said that after he is completely recovered, he will come to Congo as well. He has made miraculous improvement. He will start feeding himself on Monday morning. This is a big testimony.”

 [August 23rd] I have safely returned to Goma, Congo. Thus I should respond to God’s call in my life.”

God bless you,
Mama Zawadi

In Washington State we were to transfer to Qatar Airlines. “Funny things” began when the Agent said, “You cannot board….” Her shocking words caused a 5-day delay as we collected new documents for Kenya. Oh yes, and these had to be downloaded onto our phones. 

You ask, “Why weren’t you, a seasoned traveler, prepared?” In my defense, these new requirements were not listed on the Kenya website. So much for a ‘seasoned traveler’.  It’s a long story, but to solve these issues literally ‘took a village’  of family and friends - to get us going. Six days later we arrived safely in Nairobi, Kenya, by God’s Grace plus YOUR prayers. 

"Taban's surgery was successful. Gideon came to pray for him in the hospital."

"Taban exercises after surgery."

"Lord, thank you for the opportunity to share Jesus with these precious orphans."

"Kitty Ginger warming herself by the charcoal stove on a chilly morning."

"The tailor has finished some school uniforms. Don't the children look smart?"

"The Dorm Mama and her sweet girls welcomed us."

UGANDA, BUSIA. Letter from Bulasio with an update on Mama Josephine and children.

Dear Bush Team & Mama,

 “Thank you for the support. Mama Josephine is sick and in the Clinic.  She was vomiting and had diarrhea. Tests showed she has malaria and an ulcer. She needs prayer. All students came back home during school holidays…. Food … is expensive. We are struggling. Thank you and be blessed.” 

Yours in love, 

[Note: We gave Bulasio steps on how to solve the food problem.]

"Bill builds relationships with the orphaned youth as they sat beneath a tree."


"Principal Zadock at Winner's Township Education Center and Noel, his sweet wife."

"The day I flew home, I was treated for COVID at the Tropical Clinic by Dr. Ruth."

"The new President,

William Ruto."

"A plane-load of luggage heads to Africa!"

"The community is making bricks for the new classrooms."

​"Hila and May, volunteers from Germany."

"Bill leads with 'Hayo', a favorite song for Makimei Children's Home with Mama Elizabeth."

"Michelle (seen here with bro Mike) & Marcia kept the books while Mom was away."

"Presently the Street Boys are sleeping in the clinic for security."

"Mama Josephine was in the Clinic but is home now and feeling much better."

"Gideon and Pastor Peter of C4KK will travel to Busia to visit Mama Josephine's orphans and pay school fees. Seen here during our visit in June."

"Brunch with Missionaries Vicky and Ramsey."

"A duffel bag full of surprises for the orphanage."

June 23rd. Return to Nairobi by bus where Bill prepared to fly to USA June 26th. 

June 24th. 
Bill & Gideon meet missionaries Vicky & Ramsey Vule who minister in Nairobi & South Sudan.

"Before he heads home, Bill and Gideon shop for souvenirs."

June 19-23. Kakamega, Kenya. We were hosted by Pastor Benard and Norah. I shared a room with Annette, their daughter, who enters University soon. We had many meetings. Highlights: 1) visiting Capacity Training Institute; 2) the Disabled Home; 3) the local Prison where Norah works; and 4) the Orphanage where widows were busy ‘mudding’ their new church. Oh yes, I was happy to see their new ‘bore hole’ (well). 

"The Street Boys receive shoes."

June 17. Vihiga County. We met Dr Papa, District Commissioner Chief of Vihiga County at his office. He is a Christian and welcomed the Team warmly. I shared the story of Abe Lincoln.

"10 Teachers in Angaim Village School are happy to receive their pay."

"Pastor Timothy, his relative Odelia, her 4 children, Bill, Gideon and me."

June 12. Makimei Children’s Home with Mama Margaret. Great fun with the kids outside as Bill taught songs on his guitar, such as, “Heyo”.  I taught the ‘Gospel Bracelets’ story and handed out one per child, thanks to Sherry. Using fingers on my hand, I taught the kids a technique on how to remember to pray for everyone.

[Letter #4] Dear Bush Family & Mama,

 “During election week everyone in Nairobi stays home – no one goes out – too dangerous due to riots.  The Presidential election results were announced today and William Ruto is the new President.  The Independent Boundary and Electoral Commissioner (IEBC), four commissioners rejected the results before it was announced. Only two were in favor.  God needs to intervene and bring peace. Thanks for sending Abraham Lincoln’s prayer. I remember you sharing Abraham Lincoln’s life with the Amisi County Commissioner near Pastor Timothy’s church. This prayer is on my Profile where many will read and be encouraged.”


"Gideon's younger brother, Faustin, passed away in Congo."

Imagine seven preschoolers sleeping sideways on a single bed! I’ve visited many homes in my day but Makimei stands heads and shoulders above the rest for two reasons:  1) Most homes do not take NEWBORNS as they require extra staff, formula and money. 2) Most homes do not take DISABLED for the same reason: they require extra staff and money. Not Mama Margaret. She loves and accepts all children that God sends.

"Meeting Pastor Simon of Beni, Congo, a very dangerous area."

June 13. Mutalia, Kenya. We ministered at ‘C4KK’ (Caring for Kenyan Kids), with Pastor Peter. I shared God’s Word with a dozen widows (translated into Kiswahili) - about how God used 12 women in the New Testament to spread Christianity and how God can use women in the church today. Most women in Africa feel inferior - that they are valued less than a cow to do slave labor free of charge.

"Norah turned out meals fit for a king!"

"Bill, Gideon and I use the 'Teaching Board'."

"Arturo Cooperative of Torit donated bamboo and timber for the Street Boys new house."

"Kijabi Mission Hospital oversaw Taban's care for over 4 months before hip replacement surgery."

June 17. Pastor Zadock, Principal of Winners Township Education Center. After lunch I taught young children in their classroom. Then the school gathered outside for a fun time with students and teachers. Bill played and sang; the kids put on hilarious skits; plus teachers and the cook were honored.

"Winners Township Education Center (school). Pictured Principal Zadock & Heather, missionary from Norway, part of our Team that week."

USA. FROM THE MAILBOX. About Taban’s surgery. Last time we told the Story of Josi, Dr. Doerksen’s sweet wife who loved BTM. Her Memorial gifts went to Taban. We needed more so God did a ‘funny thing’.

Dear BTM Friends,

    “The friend who bought my painting has written his check to BTM. Please use these funds to help with Taban’s medical expenses. You may, hopefully before you leave for Africa, receive another check for the same purpose, from Gladys L., who is also purchasing some of my paintings.  God bless you with wisdom and strength day by day as you listen for His leading in ALL things!”

Much Love in Him,
Harriet UT                       

​[Note: It’s a miracle! All Taban’s fees are paid plus a bit left.]

[Letter #2] Dear Friends & Mama,

 “Pastor Peter of C4KK (Caring For Kenya’s Kids) and I will travel to visit the schools where Mama Josephine’s orphans attend in Busia, Kenya and Busia, Uganda (border towns). We will meet the children, their teachers, and pay fees through each school’s bank account. We learned that it is safer to pay directly. BTM now has a good relationship with teachers and principals as I have a business card plus a BTM letter.  

 “BTM donated another duffel bag to Mama Margaret at Makimei Orphanage: 1) packets of food from Heaven Sent Ministries; 2) Toothbrushes/paste; 3) Aqua tablets (water purification); 4) meds; 5) baby food and formula; 6) tea and strawberry drink. Margaret’s home is too small to hold her 100+ orphans. She is trusting God for more room. A new foundation is being dug. I had a prayer time with the kids.”

In His Service,

"New flip-flops for the Street Boys."​

"Norah (red cape), Benard's wife, works at the local prison. What an honor to tour it."

You’ve heard the expression, “A funny thing happened to me on the way to ….” You fill in the blank. This is where I add the word, “Kenya”. Actually, several “funny things happened on the way.” It all started Monday, June 6th, when Bill Tubbs, myself and a truck load of luggage, hit the dusty trail. We flew from Phoenix, Arizona, to Seattle, Washington, our first stop-over en route to Africa. 

"Widows at the Orphanage remud the Church wall outside."

"Pray for the Koch, Mayendit and Leer Counties to unite and peace to reign."

"One more 'funny thing' - Beware of Camels crossing the road in Kenya!"

"Time to say good-bye, thank you for having us, God bless you."

[later] My younger brother died this evening. I just got news now from my sister. Tomorrow I will travel to Goma, Congo for his funeral by bus from Nairobi, Kenya, to Kigali, Rwanda. Then from Kigali to Goma, Congo, border and walk across. It’s a 48 hr trip. Please pray for God to comfort my family.”


June 14. Back at Flora Hostel we met with Pastor Simon of Evangelical Mission for Salvation. He’s from Beni, Congo; and was in Nairobi for another meeting. His mission has planted over 70 churches.

June 25th. Final good-bye and lunch at Gideon’s home. Pastor Sunlight had returned to his family and was replaced by Osman, a Sudanese student, who later accompanied Taban back home to his camp in Uganda.

June 26th.
Bill says good-bye to kind and caring staff at Flora Hostel plus new friends who brightened our stay.

"Missionaries Jack & Janine, Chile Mission, are serious prayer partners."

"Bill & I connect with Gideon, Africa Director, at Flora Hostel."

"Teaching students at CTI College."



"Sharing Jesus with Timothy's cousin Sharon. Also pictured is Heather, missionary who was on our Team that week."

"Gideon is applying for a Visa to visit the USA soon."

"The maize (corn) did not grow this season due to lack of rain."

"Pastor Benard, far lf, and the Disabled Team."

"Bill giving Annette, Benard's daughter, guitar lessons."

"C4KK with Director Peter and Damaris, his sweet wife."


 "Pastor Benard and team tour the bedrooms. Very organized!"

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"All 50+ students are home during spring break."


Dear Friends, Charlotte & Laura,

    “We loved Rev. Stephen's true advice: ‘First pray!  Unity will come through commitment to God.’  Also loved your true Zambezi River story, Charlotte.  We pray and give thanks for BTM's new host church for the next Container Project and the purchase of a storage container!  It was a big prayer that God answered!!  Now you're in Africa, Charlotte, and you're not alone!!  God was waiting there for you and he even sent Bill to accompany and help. So many blessings like the Christian Training Manuals for rural pastors; ongoing studies for children; Mwaviti's sewing business; and helping Maserelsa’s study at the Baptist Seminary.  

    “We're praying for Mama Zawadi's son in a coma in England; for the pastors' unity to bring fighting and violence to an end in South Sudan; and for Taban's hip surgery and recovery.  Also we give thanks for the 150 ‘roof’ tarps and container items for Pygmies. We thank God for Pastor Celestin's Team's baptism classes and marriage counseling!  AMEN!! Don't fall off of any mopeds (piki-piki), Charlotte.”

Love, prayers and blessings,

​Jack & Janine
Chile Mission 

"World Comp Home Of Grace"

"Visiting 'Mission For Orphans' on Sunday. Bill leads in Praise and Worship." 

"Another duffel bag of supplies including baby formula for Mama Margaret."

June 17. That afternoon we visited 3 of Pastor Timothy's relatives who live in the bush. One, Odilia, was expecting her 5th child and married to an alcoholic. She supported her children by selling bananas. A banana stalk weighs over 100 lb so we suggested another business like sewing (which she could do) or making liquid soap. We learned the cost of these items and later BTM sent money to buy them.

June 18. Kitale, Kenya. Missionaries Bill and Patricia had moved to Mombasa but kindly arranged for us to sleep in the beautiful home of their friend, Lanni. That Sunday we ministered at Mission For Orphans, sharing encouraging messages. Bill had a connection with Lanni years ago and was thrilled to visit this wonderful orphanage.

UGANDA & SUDAN. Letter from Toby, Sunlight’s brother. He receives/disburses money for 4 projects.

Dear Bush Team & Mama,

 “We received money from USA for: 1) Angaim School teachers ($500); 2) Street Kids in Sudan ($500); 3) Kiryandongo Refugee Camp in Uganda ($400); and 4) Sunlight’s family in Gulu, Uganda. ($500).  We pay 10 teachers and just added two more. They will be paid by the PTA and just graduated from high school at Kiryandongo Refugee Camp. They will teach Math, Science and English. These are key subjects and we didn’t have a teacher for them until now.

    “Kiryandongo students and Sunlight’s family in Gulu finished the second term and are home for the holidays. Evaline, one student, is sitting for her exam this November. What a milestone!  A student from Angaim Village will be joining Secondary School at Kiryandongo Camp. It means a lot to have your support and prayers. The students begin 3rd term in two weeks.

     The maize (corn) garden did not grow this season - no rain. Despite disappointment we won't give up. We now see rain this time and hope for a good season ahead. The plot we rent costs 200,000 shilling; plough rental is 200,000 shillings (total $105). We are requesting rent for the plot and plough. Students clear the garden; plant and weed; harvest and transport.

     Rose, our cook/caretaker and students bought food and supplies: charcoal; maize; veggies & beans; grinding; soap; water; sugar; silver fish. Rose has a 5-yr old daughter, Fiesta, who had pneumonia twice. She is better now thanks to BTM for meds.”

     “The Street Boys in Angaim Village need monthly support of $500 for: maize; veggies; charcoal; soap; sugar; grinding; rice; cooking oil; silver fish; and sandals. Sunlight’s family in Gulu, Uganda, need money for: rent; food; veggies; soap; sugar; and rice = $500. They are all in school. Thanks for your prayers and support.”

Toby, Sunlight’s brother                           

[Note: we support these 4 projects monthly.]


* Stan & Audra for sponsoring my round-trip ticket to Africa, and SIAMA, our Mission’s Travel Agency.

* Treasures from Estelle & Bill, Gail, Patti, Wendell & Sharon, Naomi, Ruth, Irene & Bob, Carol T, Susan, Ilene, Maureen, Laura & Stan, Kim, Mike M, Caprice, Sandie & Sweet Sewing Sisters. 

* Sweet fellowship at Calvary Chapel Black Canyon City; Litchfield Park First Baptist; and others.  

* Michelle, my daughter, for ‘keeping the books’ while Mom was in Africa.

CONCLUSION. After seeing Bill off, Gideon and I had planned to travel to four more countries. Due to violence in South Sudan and Congo; violence in upcoming elections in Kenya; Rebel activity in Rwanda; my trip was cut short by two months. I changed my return ticket to June 30th. 

    June 30. ‘Funny things’ continued. My plane was to depart at midnight. That day I fell ill so I saw my heroes: Dr. Chunge & his wife Ruth at Tropical Travel Clinic. She ran tests. “Charlotte, I have bad news. You tested positive for COVID plus 5 tropical bugs and infections. I’m giving you a Super IV Cocktail – plus meds – to get you home.” That ‘cocktail’ did the trick. I have since recovered. Thank you for joining us through prayer and support on this Africa Safari as together we shared the Hope of Jesus in a dark and dying country.

    Whether it’s Mr. Joshua doggy rescuing a throw-away baby; or finding a new job for a pregnant woman lifting 100-lb bunches of bananas; or arranging hip surgery for a young Sudanese student; we saw desperate souls needing honest-to-goodness HOPE. It’s not about us. We serve a miracle-working God who did amazing ‘something funny happens when …” things. It was worth it all.

Bringing hope to the Joshuas of Africa,

​Charlotte Sinclair Barkley, Director

"Mary, at the Disabled Center raises chickens."

"The Kiryandongo Camp Cook Rose shops for charcoal and food."

"The teachers and Cook were honored with special awards."

"During Praise-N-Worship, these 3 ran up on stage and entertained us the whole time."

"Good-bye Taban and Osman! Have safe travels to Kiryandongo Camp, Uganda." Note: Osman replaced Sunlight who had returned home to his family.

"Kathryn and daughter Chantel (not pictured), hosted me. She's in her shop here; the house was behind. What a surprise - newly constructed, I even had a bathroom!"

"Sunlight (ctr) and family in Gulu, Uganda."

June 15-16. Gambogi, Kenya. We traveled by ‘Matatu’ to Pastor Timothy’s church: Gambogi Christian Fellowship. Bill, Gideon and I were hosted in 3 homes. We taught rural pastors: Bill led Praise and Worship; Gideon preached on the Value of God's Servant; and me on Apostle Paul as we encouraged pastors. The other meetings were with the church members. My host, Catherine, had an adorable 8-yr old, Chantal. I found a few clothes and special items in my suitcase for her. Heather, a missionary from Norway, was also part of our Team in Gambogi. We enjoyed fellowship and food in Ps Tim’s home.

"Harriet sold paintings to benefit Taban's surgery. Pictured with her beloved late husband, Philip."

After a rest at Flora Hostel and connecting with Gideon, BTM’s Africa Director, we visited Makimei Children’s Home directed by Mama Margaret. That’s where our story really begins. In a nutshell, Mama Margaret is supported by local ‘well-wishers’; has 101 orphans (half are boarders) and lives on 1/6 of an acre. Like sardines in a tin.  We met Hila and May, delightful German volunteers, along with local helpers and staff.

"Gambogi Fellowship Center with Pastor Timothy."

"Pastor Timothy and family."

"Pray for Mama Zawadi, Deo (hubby) and their son Michael in England, recovering from a coma and brain trauma."

June, July, August 2022

"L-R: Rachel, Charlotte, Osman, Sunlight, Bill, Seated, Taban."

[Letter #2] Dear Bush Family & Mama,

 “Arturo Cooperative in Torit, Sudan, gave timber and bamboo to start constructing a three-room house for Street Boys. Here are our needs: Iron sheets - 45 pcs; ridge cap - 11 pcs; roofing nails – 50 lb; 4” – 40 lb; 6” – 40 lb; hop iron - one roll; 4 rubber pckt; transport; labor. Total = 485,000 pounds ($860).

 “The community will donate transport and labor.  I am trying to create responsibility in the community. It is not easy but I am thankful for the group of Arturo Cooperative Farmers. They are inventive and creating changes. They are so resourceful. Pray for them to be the change. Fifteen Street Boys now live in Angaim Village. Three were not well. I sent them for treatment. One had a wound. I bought sandals and will buy their food tomorrow. Cook received her money. The photo of the boys on their mattresses was taken during devotions.”

Pastor Sunlight        

​[Note: BTM will send money this week for the Street Boys’ house.] 

"Flooding in Leer has destroyed homes. People cannot even walk place-to-place."

"After a long flight we rest our weary heads at Flora Hostal."

"Presented the Preschoolers with Gospel bracelets plus the story."

"We were hosted by friends of the Cornells in a very big house with a lovely garden."

June 11. Charlotte & Bill Tubbs arrive in Kenya (see top story). At the Nairobi Airport I was asked to pay Customs for 12 pcs of luggage (over $1,000). God did ‘a funny thing …’ - we were not charged. 

"Gideon's family. Sarah, 12, far right in purple jacket."

"Rev. Stephen attends the Presbytery Area Meeting."

June 12. Nairobi. We met Gideon, our Africa Director. Bill was with us for 3 weeks and a tremendous help with luggage; led Praise & Worship; and with his winsome personality made about 1,000 new friends.

"Baby Joshua, rescued by Mr. Joshua, is thriving today at age 1 1/2 yr."

SUDAN. Letter from Rev Stephen

Dear Friends & Mama, 

    “Tomorrow I travel to Leer for our Presbytery Area Meeting. Pray for Reconciliation of Koch, Mayendit and Leer Counties to unite. In previous times they were in one county - Leer. They were separated in 2002. If there is no love in the hearts of the people for Reconciliation, it cannot go ahead.  Also distances prevent people as they cannot go by foot because of violence.  Last Week there was a heavy rain in Leer that destroyed houses making travel by foot impossible. Thanks for your encouragement.”

God bless you,

Rev Stephen
TEE Director and Pastor of Leer Church


Background: Taban, a young Sudanese student, lives with 30 refugees whom BTM supports at Kiryandongo Refugee Camp. His hip was painful for two years. Doctors in Kampala, Uganda, could not help him. Finally BTM sent him to Kijibe Mission Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Sunlight accompanied Taban by bus early last March. Gideon and family hosted them. First Taban was treated for a massive hip infection. Also Doctors discovered TB (from his mother) requiring a year’s treatment. Finally, in early July, he was well enough for hip replacement surgery. It was a success. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Please continue praying for Taban. He is now in school at Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda.

Dear All,

    “Greetings to my Prayer Partners and BTM Team for being with me all these months. I am full of thanks and appreciation for your contributions towards my sickness. If I had a choice I would not have chosen it. But what God has for us, He will do what is best in His eyes. What you have done means a lot to my life. I thank God for using you as a blessing for others. Indeed all that you have done, you're doing it for God. Continue praying for me. My life is not going to be the way it used to be. I used to have energy to work like digging and making soap. ‘Whatever you do for the least of these brothers and sisters, you did it to me’.'' (Mat 25:40) 


 "Pastor Benard and team tour the bedrooms. Very organized!"

KENYA/UGANDA/SUDAN. Letters from Pastor Sunlight. 

[Letter #1]  Dear Bush Team & Mama,

 “Angaim Village School (called Zion) completed 4 classrooms last March where 272 students attend now. We are busy constructing 4 new classrooms to make 8 total. This allows each class from 1-8 grades one room each. However, we need money to start the foundation.  Also transport will be a challenge. We bought 50 bags of cement.  The community  gathered sand,  stones and half  the bricks that are needed for the school. We
are praying to rent a tipping lorry (dump truck) to transport supplies. 

 “Some school uniforms are ready and at the tailor. The local tailor charges 2,500 pounds ($4.42) each.  We had paid for 80 uniforms X 2,500 = 200,000 pounds ($354). There are 192 ($850) children who we have not paid for. Uniforms in Torit town cost 5,000 per child – twice as much. We encourage parents to contribute.”

Pastor Sunlight 

​[Note: BTM hopes to pay the tailor for 192 more uniforms soon.]

"Visiting Caring For Kenya's Kids (C4KK) and encouraging Widows."

[Letter #3] Dear Bush Friends & Mama,

 “Today my family and I attended Emmanuel Baptist Church. We thank God for the encouraging sermon from Ephesians 5:15-21. My young brother, Faustin, used to drink and is very sick. My mom and sister took him to the hospital. He started vomiting and lost his appetite. He was only eating porridge and taking meds. 

 “Thanks for inviting me to the USA in November. I am working on the Visa. Our daughter Sarah turned 12 yesterday. We had a thanksgiving time at home. She had a bad tummy ache last week so we rushed her to the hospital. She is home now and feeling much better. Yesterday my friend, Pastor Joseph, and I went around my neighborhood to share the gospel. We met many. 

​     Pastor Joseph shared the message of reconciliation, hope and peace. A Congolese friend gave us a TV used by a student who finished her studies. We can now know what is going on in the world. Today marks 15 years since Rachel and I married. We thank God.”

Many blessings,

Here’s one miraculous story that Mama Margaret shared. “Our two doggies are Mr. and Mrs. Joshua. One day Mr. Joshua ran outside our property where he discovered 4 wild dogs attacking a newborn baby inside a plastic bag. Mr. Joshua sprang into action; fought off the wild dogs; then rolled the bag over to the fence. Children rescued the newborn baby.”

Type your paragraph here.

"The Disabled take care of a veggie garden that feeds them all."

"40 bags cement for the 4 new classrooms."

KENYA. Letters from Gideon, BTM Africa Director.

Dear Bush Family & Mama,

 “We thank God that Taban’s surgery (last July) was successful. When we left the hospital last Saturday, he was given pain meds. It is very cold here. Yesterday we made a charcoal fire to warm Taban’s room. He is doing exercises recommended by the therapist. I arranged for a nurse to come to our house to change the dressings. We go back for Taban’s checkup in two weeks. Our prayer is for total recovery.”


Mama continued, “Sadly Mr. Joshua died from his wounds so we named the baby Joshua in his memory. Baby Joshua was checked out at the hospital and tested positive for rabies. Today he’s 1½ years old.” If that story doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

In spite of all the ‘funny things’ that happened at the beginning of our journey, it was a fruitful mission outreach. Oh yes, we blessed Mama Margaret with two large duffel bags of essentials: food, diapers, blankets, baby clothes (thanks to Sewing Mamas back home) and more. None of this would have happened without YOU, YOU and YOU. Thank you for your faithful prayers, love and support for the Least, the Last and the Lost.

"The flight home through Kenya, France and Atlanta, Georgia."


July, August


"The goal for Kenya's Election was to be peaceful - well, not quite."

"Bill and Gideon lead students in songs."

"The children love to hear Papa Bill play guitar and sing. Note Doggy Mrs. Joshua is laying nearby."

"Mama Margaret, Makimei Children's Home. Seven toddlers sleep here - sideways."

June 14. At Gideon’s home, Bill met Rachel and their 4 daughters; plus Pastor Sunlight who oversees Taban’s care. They live across the hall from Gideon. Rachel cooked up a feast for the 10 of us; finishing up with the most delicious chocolate desert – with NO OVEN! You could have fooled me! 

"Timothy's relative, Bill, far lf, is ill with diabetes. His leg was badly swollen."