Serving the Persecuted Church in Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa


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For some months, my dentist has been performing ‘archeological excavations’ – in my mouth, that is – thanks to African corn-on-the-cob and other dainty morsels. On the list was: a bridge; root canal; ‘flipper’ (false tooth); fillings; and cracked or broken teeth. My dentist graciously reduced her rates, so I can’t complain. I’ll return to Africa with a beautiful new smile!

Since last fall I’ve also been battling ulcers and am seeing a gastroenterologist. For months, the pain and nausea drove me to the couch and my knees. Then in late March, the fog began to lift.  I’m happy to report that strength and energy is slowly returning to my body; I am ‘back in the saddle and attending more and more activities.  Thank you for praying!

DEAR LORD...protect believers and increase the spread of Your Word. We are thankful that You are the one who reigns over the Church. Cause the light of the church’s witness to grow bright in Dark Lands. Give pastors and Church leaders courage and discernment as they preach Your Word and call out for justice and revival. Bring helpers to share the load....Strengthen and refresh church leaders and pour out Your Spirit on them. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

— adapted, Open Doors

The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God’s people, went up before God from the angel’s hand.

— Revelation 8:4

Serving Him,


Clothing the Naked

Piecekeepers’ quilting circle held a special ‘sewing day’ to sew little girls’ dresses for Africa. Thanks to Tawney, also joining us were teens from Puget House at Sunshine Residential Homes. They chose this as their ‘community project’ – what fun they had! After lunch President Carol surprised us with a red velvet chocolate birthday cake for yours truly – I blew out all 39 candles!  And the dresses? To date we have over two large clothes baskets of beautiful cotton dresses!

In addition to those listed above, several other generous ‘angels’ have stepped forward to donate treasures for our suffering brothers and sisters in South Sudan.


These donations will ship in our next cargo container project, to commence this fall.

Friends from Afar

Don and Helen from Grand Junction, CO, arrived on a Saturday with a truck full of treasures. We met at Calvary Community so we could unload directly into storage. We sat and chatted for a few minutes before they headed out to visit relatives in town. In early April, Harriet and Sheila from Escalante, Utah, dropped off a carload of treasures. After we parted, the gals were off antique shopping for Harriet and her husband’s business back home.  

Scurrying Angels

Bush Telegraph has sponsored hitherto the education for Mama Josephine’s 14 orphans. We’re happy to report new sponsors for 3 of the children. Pray that we’ll find 11 more! The reason we are reaching out for help is threefold: all fourteen children are now in school; school fees have doubled; and the eldest, who finished high school, now attends trade school.

UGANDA. Letter from Br. Francis-

the contractor for Mama Josephine’s house:

Dear Bush Telegraph,

Mama Josephine’s house is nearing completion...we must still finish the latrine pit. We’ve had a few delays which slowed down the work. Pray that obstacles will be removed so that Mama Josephine and her children can move in....It’s the rainy season and their walls of her mud house are in danger of collasping....


 Br. Francis

Dear Mama and Bush Telegraph,

Thanks a lot for the assistance. It helped us so much to pay rent and school fees....I spend many days in our garden....It’s the rainy season and there’s lots of weeds....I am working with our ‘At-Risk Mamas’ in Muja Village near the Nyiragongo Volcano. In June we expect to have 500 kg (1,000 lb) of Beans, potatoes and after one year cassava to help vulnerable people.

At Eden Church things are well....Mamas began for the Church in town....They need your prayers to succeed....Also we partnered with Victory Center to train Mamas in making bags and to teach unwed Mamas to read and to write.... The room at the church began looking like a workshop so...Mama Regine, a widow leading Victory Center, opened her rooms to us. Once a month she has a World Food Program to assist our ‘at-risk Mamas’....

On...Easter Sunday...the Lord added...a family of 8 from Uganda. They are Congolese but spent...10 years in Kampala as refugees....We...know Bush Telegraph is our prayer partner...praying daily for our ministry.

In His Love,

 Pastor Delphin

AUSTRALIA/SUDAN. Letter from Derek

who partners in our renovation of the Bible School in Leer, South Sudan.  He began work in 2010 and encourages our plans to continue renovation this summer as we raise funds for a new roof, windows, doors, and paint.

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for your persistence and perseverance in wanting to see this [Bible School] project through in Leer....They are building a dirt road from Juba to Leer on the western side of the Blue Nile....this will make it easier to get materials to the site....It would be best to get pre-painted iron sheets [for the roof] rather than shiny new corrugated metal ones that glisten in the sun. A generator needs to be taken that will have the capacity to do the welding....



SOUTH SUDAN. Letter from John Kong- our Program Coordinator:

Dear Bush Telegraph and Mama,

Around 1 PM I left Leer to go to Mayendit. I met our own SPLA Soldiers on the way....They took our spare truck tire by force...because they I had to give it. Last week the Khartoum Muslim Government bombed Bentieu in Unity State 3 times. They are trying to take out the only bridge to the north connecting with Juba [capital].  American Prayer Partners need to pray for us as this action killed four people.

Also we just finished a 3-week training for HIV/AIDS counseling for 15 people from 3 counties:  Koch, Nayendit and Panyijiar. They have now gone home.

Be blessed,

 John Kong

SOUTH SUDAN. Letter from Pastor Sunlight

of Angaim Village, who received our Container in March:

Hi Mami and Bush Telegraph,

I have planted a new Church in Keberek...through Angaim Christian Youth Mission. Out of the 60 boxes of food, we have we used 13 for the mission field....We also shared a box with the church planter, William British, who is blind, yet he planted 3 churches in Oudo.

Our vision for Angaim Village to help the church through agriculture....We only need...a tractor programs like planting churches and orphan education. Two orphans are ready for South Sudan Primary Certificate: one is studying in Torit and the other in Lohutok....The rest of the orphans are home and looking for support....Can you help us invest in agriculture for 2-3 years?...Please greetings our brothers and sisters in the USA.

In Christ,

your son Pastor Sunlight

CONGO. Letter from Pastor Delphin- our Field Director for Congo:

KENYA. Pastor Patrick got married!

KENYA. Letter from Pastor Timothy

whose wife, Mama Florence, was critically ill. He asked for help with medical bills. We sent as much as we could.

Bishop Timothy leads Glory of Christ Ministry with its 200+ orphans, and oversees 47 churches and 3 schools comprising more than a thousand students in all. He hosted our summer team in 2011.

Dear Mama and Bush Telegraph,

A big big thank you for your help. We managed to sell a cow and added to the money you sent us to get Florence home [from the hospital]. She suffered severe malaria and typhoid. She...was transferred to Moi Teaching Hospital in Eldoret by ambulance. We thank you for your prayers and thank God for saving her life. We thought we’d lost her. Keep praying for us.

Pastor Timothy

Field Reports

Dear Mama and Bush Telegraph,

Thanks very much for the support you have sent me....I used the money to pay both church rent and my house. In fact the mission has removed my stress....God opened a way and I have found a born-again sister to marry, with one baby girl. She is called Juliet. We were married Sunday April 8 at our church....Her parents are good; they told my mother they are not after a dowry....My mother gave them 3,000 Kenyan shillings ($36). They were very happy....

God did a miracle for our woman church leader. Her daughter passed her Standard 8 Exam. She used to cry to me to help her child to go to school but by God’s grace the Kenyan Government now pays her school fees....She was told to buy only school uniform.


 Pastor Patrick

No Soup Today!

James and I squeezed in a few ‘American memories’ such as a trip to the mall and lunch at a traditional African cafe. Within an hour after the meal James came down with food poisoning, which took a day to diagnose. We believe it was the tripe soup. Anyway, we ended up at Walgreens ‘Walk-in’ Clinic where James was treated. He’s pretty tough and quickly recovered for which we thank God. THAT memory we could do without!

A Surprise Visitor.

It was Sunday, James’s last day. About noon my son Wayne, a Marine Colonel, phoned: “Mom, my officers and I just drove into town from San Diego. One of my soldiers passed away. As commanding officer, I’ll officiate at the service. So how’s about dinner tonight?” So that’s how Wayne, Michelle, James and I ended up at Fuddruckers, where James met my son Wayne and ate his first American hamburger! It was a precious time. Oh, did I say it was also my birthday? My ‘surprise visitor’ and James were the best presents ever!

Home Sweet Home

Phoenix prayer partners came to a ‘House-Warming’ at our cozy mobile home. I prayed, “Lord...don’t let EVERYONE come at once!” PTL they didn’t. James’s head nearly touched the ceiling!  Special thanks to John and Bonnie; Larry and Doris who came early to help set up and even brought dips and extra chairs. The ladies cut strawberries and sliced watermelon while I carved the turkey for a cold buffet with all the trimmings. Somehow it all got done. Everyone enjoyed visiting with James and even got their picture taken!

Charlotte embraces Mission Secretary Patricia Karsten (left) and Field Director James Keah (center) at Living Water of the Valley Church


A ‘Face’ for the Mission.


Friends who met him said, “James puts a ‘face’ to the mission work in Sudan” - where we have 115 staff, not counting pastors and church leaders! Here are but a few highlights of James’s visit: he spoke for two services at Living Water of the Valley; met Pastor Bartlett and Sister Pat (mission secretary) at last! - and the ‘Lunch Bunch’ at Souper Salad. He attended an Open House for the new Lost Boys Center; visited Sudanese Church Services; and brought greetings to Desert Christian’s Women’s Bible Study.

April 2012

Dear Friends of the Persecuted Church,

‘JUST BELIEVE...IN AMERICA!’  It only happens once in a lifetime. James Keah, our Field Director for South Sudan, visited Phoenix, Arizona! As I drove down the highway, he exclaimed excitedly, “Everyone drives so responsibly! Everything looks so clean! I don’t have to listen for Antonov Bombers and run and hide!”

During his ten days here, James learned to ‘just believe’ – and love AMERICA. So when you grow discouraged about the direction of our country, just think of James, who serves the Lord in a war-torn, forsaken place, fighting daily to survive and feed the 30-odd people he supports, his family and orphaned relatives.

Thank you for ‘just believing’ in Bush Telegraph as we spread the Good News in South Sudan and vulnerable surrounding countries.